Taalschool Hilversum A solid foundation for every child

Taalschool Hilversum welcomes children from 4 to 13 years who have just arrived in the Netherlands. They learn the Dutch language very quickly. They also get lessons in other subjects. The groups are small (max. 15 children) and each group always has two teachers. This means the kids get a great deal of attention and excellent supervision. After only one year they can join a regular primary school. It is a colourful state school where kids play, work, and learn together. Differences are enriching and we teach the kids how to deal with them. Together we ensure a respectful, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere in which kids feel at home.



Tweede Taalschool

Thebe 22
1213 NV Hilversum
T: 06 - 57 93 97 26

The students are placed in the group that best suits the child. Children of different nationalities are placed at both locations.